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I found my honey at the fair

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Good fair honey: Actually, the best fair honey at the Millarville Fair! As a beekeeper, I have always been troubled with the disposal of honey. Invariably, we produced more than we could eat, especially since I ran as many as 2, hives.

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We had to get rid of the excess. Some went to fairr as gifts and thw bee yard landlords as payment for our right to trespass. But I never thought of myself as a honey person, just a beekeeper. A friend helps inspect honey for blemishes. I found my honey at the fair honey sits atop a flashlight and Stephen is holding a magnifying glass. Nice light-coloured Canadian honey, eh?

Nevertheless, some folks here in the Calgary area have decided that my proximity to honey implies that I know something about the stuff. I have shemale & female drafted into the role of honey judge.

A good honey judge, I think, has a persnickety character. Someone with the disposition of a snobby wine connoisseur.

The ideal honey judge is both meticulous and impartial. Impartiality is my long suit, if I may be permitted that biased opinion. It made everything flow more smoothly. The Priddis and Millarville Fair now in its th year attracted a respectable number of honey entries this year. The three categories — i found my honey at the fair honey, dark honey, and light honey — each had superior samples vying for attention.

In a moment, I am going to tell you a bit about how the honey judging is done. I can appreciate. However, when I drew up our Calgary area rules, I borrowed heavily from published handbooks written in u British Isles. But first, some basics. We score on a point. Everyone automatically gets points. men tongue kissing men

But as soon as we look at your honey, your score begins to drop. Maybe quickly. Below are the qualities we look at and the maximum possible points for each:. We actually look for mars, scuffs, and even glass imperfections.

One reason we penalize mason jars though personally, I like them is faif are really difficult to compare with standard honey jars.

SABA at the Alaska State Fair

When you have 10 entries in identical containers and a few in unusual vessels, it becomes hard to compare brightness and accuracy of fill, for example. Brightness is obviously preferred — as opposed to a dull appearance which might indicate wax or crystalline impurities. We compare jars by placing them atop a strong flashlight, as you can see in the pictures above and. Accuracy of filling requires headroom of 1. Do not under fill — there should be no visible honey-to-cap gap no air space visible.

i found my honey at the fair

Showing Honey at Fairs | Beesource Beekeeping

On the other hand, if the judge gets sticky because you have overfilled the jar and honey is gobbed foumd the lid and leaking down the side… the judge will notice and revenge will be swift and furious. Flavour and aroma are a to carmelization and fermentation traits. Th see both offenses most years as some beekeepers always honet their honey, causing slight burning, or they harvest honey that is not properly cured by the bees and it has high moisture content.

On the other hand, judges do not rate honey by how much they personally i found my honey at the fair the floral source.

Honey might be minty, bland, sharp, or mellow and that would be OK. But it had better not be burnt or sour or both — one year I wanted to give a special award to an unusual entry that managed i found my honey at the fair hit both taboos at the same time. Freedom from crystals means that the honey is not granulating. Every year we receive a few entries that look like a wayward chemistry experiment.

This happens in Alberta because of the nearly ubiquitous presence of fast-granulating canola. Density or viscosity of liquid honey will be judged either by a foun bubble test or refractometer. Since honey in western Canada can be really, really low in moisture, we use a graded scale and award more points for drier free woman masterbation.

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Honey over Cleanliness is next to blue-ribbon-ness. Honey is food.

Food must be clean. Crystals, foamy air bubbles, and cleanliness is partly comparison-based.

The full 20 points is usually not ,y because we almost always find some unusual material floating in home-made honey. Even if it is benign wax, pollen, foam, or granulation crystals, it still detracts from the pristine nature of pure honey. Often — using a magnifying glass — we find a few tiny black specks smoker soot and founc that likely unraveled from some honey-filtering material.

These are nearly microscopic and nearly impossible to i found my honey at the fair.

I Search Couples I found my honey at the fair

But you should check your entry yourself before submitting it and remove a candidate that has such floaters. Inspecting with persnicketiness. I promised to address a problem that plagues every beekeeper entering competition with low moisture, light-coloured honey. Here is your dilemma: You nsa on the beach the honey to be free of specks, fibers, and suspended air bubbles but these things almost never drift to the surface in thick, low-moisture honey.

I found my honey at the fair I Am Look For Sex Chat

They stay suspended. However, you have likely discovered that you can get rid of all these problems by heating the honey. Then everything floats to the top and the warm honey can be filtered through really fine cloth to make it extra nice.

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Unfortunately, too much heat darkens honey and gives it an awful caramelized flavour. So, you either enter honey with suspended air bubbles losing points for dullness and perhaps granulation or you heat the honey too much losing points by burning it. Jolene white stripes youtube, there is a delicate balance that you may achieve with patience and cair. If hony want to keep honey from granulating and want to remove air bubbles, you may need to heat it.

If you do, i found my honey at the fair the honey rather hot, but only for a few minutes.

Most States have a fair and there are hundreds of county fairs. many beekeepers experience in preparing an ideal pack of honey in its most attractive form. 2. THE BEEKEEPING DEPARTMENT DOES NOT HAVE SUPPLIES OR TOOLS AVAILABLE Theme- “My honey, How you've Changed”; Commercial display of . Good fair honey: Actually, the best fair honey at the Millarville Fair! here in the Calgary area have decided that my proximity to honey implies.

Stir the honey, let it sit a bit, skim the surface, then filter it into a new clean container. Immediately place the new container of hot honey into a tub of ice-cold water to cool the honey off. Skim the surface. Heat damage is a function of both the amount of heat Never boil the stuff! Experiment, but a temperature of about 55 C F is about right for a few moments — but then chill the honey quickly.

Done correctly, this makes lovely clean and sparkling honey for sale or home use with minimal perhaps no perceptible heat damage. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify i found my honey at the fair of new comments i found my honey at the fair email.

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He has written two books, dozens i found my honey at the fair magazine and journal articles, and complements his first book, Bad Beekeeping, with a popular blog at www. Ron wrote his most recent book, The Mountain Mystery, for everyone who has looked at a mountain and wondered what miracles of nature set it upon the landscape.

For more about Ron, adult personal some cool pictures taken when he was a teenager, please check Ron's site: This entry was i found my honey at the fair in Culture, or lack thereofHoney and tagged bottling honeyCalgary BeekeepersCanadian honeyhoneyhoney judgingMillarville Fairprocessing honey. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Address never made public.

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